QSL & contact information

Name Andreas Papagapiou
Callsign 5B8AP
QTH Nicosia, Cyprus
CQ-20  ITU-39  IOTA: AS-004
Grid Locator KM65PD
QSL details QRZ.com    hamcall.net

You can send me your QSL card direct or via the 5B bureau. Cards received directly with SASE and IRC will be send directly. Other cards will be send via the bureau. I also reply to eQSLs, although I prefer paper QSL. See my information on QRZ.com or hamcall.net for my mailing address.

I operated using the special call 5B8AP/Euro from January 8th until February 8th 2008. This was a special call to celebrate Cyprus joining the Eurozone. I've sent QSL cards to all the stations with which I made contacts using that call. If you've sent me a card directly you must have already received my card, otherwise you will receive my card via the bureau.

I'm also handling QSLing for the P3CA 2007 DXpedition. We've had some unforseen delays in managing incoming cards and printing our cards for this DXpedition, but finally we've started sending out the cards (July 2008). Some direct cards have been sent out already and the rest of them will be send soon. We are also preparing the cards that will be send via the bureau. If you have a card for P3CA 2007 you can send it to me for faster processing If you have already sent your card via 5B4MS I will pick it up the next time I meet with the Limassol club's QSL manager.